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NYE in Las Vegas

Be warned, on a regular day Vegas is NOT for the weak at heart. Everybody arrives with delusions of grandeur about how they are going to conqueror Vegas, but the fact of the matter is that Most People Just Can’t Handle Vegas… especially not on New Year’s Eve! It’s a good thing that the Girls aren’t most people!

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Visit Boston - Getaway Girls - Go to Getaways

Boston, some of the BEST that the NE has to offer!

Boston is one of those cities that you visit and wonder why it took you so long to make the trip! Boston has its own unique swagger, cuisine and history. Apart from the obvious connection to Pre-Revolutionary History, Bostonians are rooted in Contemporary American Traditions in the areas of music and sports culture as well.


Visit New Orleans - Getaway Girls - Go to Getaways

New Orleans – Tardi Gras

Sometimes it’s ok to be Tardi for the Party!!!
There are very few places in this country, or even the world that penetrate your spirit in the way that New Orleans does. Chris Rose said, “You can live in any city in America but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.”
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Visit Fort Lauderdale - Getaway Girls - Go to Getaways

Fort Lauderdale Favs

When in Fort Lauderdale, do as the locals do… and what they do, is have a GOOD TIME!!!
First it should be said that Fort Lauderdale International Airport is BY FAR one of our favorite airports in the country.
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Visit Key West - Getaway Girls - Go to Getaways

Key West Craziness

There are very few places in the world, that are SO UNIQUE that the leave an impression on you… from the minute you land, get out of the car, or step on the dock…. but Key West is absolutely one of them.
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