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Fort Lauderdale Travel with Getaway Girls

When in Fort Lauderdale, do as the locals do… and what they do, is have a GOOD TIME!!!

First it should be said that Fort Lauderdale International Airport is BY FAR one of our favorite airports in the country. It’s clean, it’s (generally speaking) cheaper than its counterparts and it’s SO USER FRIENDLY with regards to getting in and out! And a special shout out to Enterprise Rental Car, located at FLL! What a great, easy and stress free experience.
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Of course when you think of what’s hot in Florida (besides the weather), most people think… MIAMI. When people start planning vacations in the Sunshine State, 9 times out of 10, they are doing it around at least a couple of days in Tampa or Orlando… at one of the theme parks, or to Miami to board a cruise to somewhere tropical. And all of that is great… but we really think that people are missing all of the fantasticness that is Fort Lauderdale!

From miles of beautiful beaches to the hundreds of great bars and restaurants and all of the ways that you have to entertain yourself (clubs, gaming, tours, day trips, and more), your options for a FABULOUS getaway are endless.

Fort Lauderdale is truly a place that you can go with your Girlfriends, your Significant Other, the Family, or in Mixed Company and have a completely different experience each time; based on the demographic and desires of the group you are travelling with! The mix of styles and locations of hotels provide you with a different vibe each visit. The ease of the water taxi, that travels the Inter-Costal Waterway, allows for a carefree experience, no matter why you’re there… or who you are with.

And if you feel the need to travel outside of Fort Lauderdale… you can take a day trip to the Bahamas (via the Shuttle Cruise), the Water Taxi to Miami, or even road trip to Everglades National Park or Key West! All in all, it is the best of everything and we highly recommend Fort Lauderdale as your next mini getaway!

With that said, we have come up with a list of Hot Spots, Must Dos and Don’t Forget… for Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale Travel Ideas - Getaway Girls

Fort Lauderdale Hot Spots - Hard Rock Hotel - Getaway Girls

Hot Spots

Hard Rock Seminole: Great Vibe, Great Energy, GREAT TIME. The Hard Rock Seminole really lives up to all of the expectations (and hype) that we have grown to know and love from the iconic chain. Better yet, it is attached to Lucky Lane, which is a fun mix of bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, etc.

Las Olas: This street (which is perpendicular to A1A) is the best place to hang out, grab a bite to eat, shop, people watch, and party. Depending on when you visit, Las Olas has different open air events and entertainment (like OctoberFest) for you to enjoy.

Must Dos

Hollywood & Hallendale Beaches: What a great way to spend the day! Both beaches (which run into each other) are clean, quiet (without being deserted) and are surrounded by great views of Fort Lauderdale to the North, Miami to the South and the Atlantic to the East.

Le Tub: Do not go to Ft. Lauderdale and skip Le Tub. Even Oprah made sure to visit (and talk about it), when she was in the area. Trust us, it will change how you look at hamburgers… and it is worth every penny!

Must Dos in Fort Lauderdale - Getaway Girls

Fort Lauderdale - Food Trucks at Young Circle

Don’t Forget

Food Trucks at Young Circle: Every Monday at 5:30 pm, at Young Circle, there is a FABULOUS mash up of over 40 food trucks that gather around, waiting for you to indulge yourself! This GOURMET, FUN, DIVERSE conglomerate of mobile eateries give the term Food Porn a whole new meaning!

Udder Sweets: One of the BEST Candy / Sweet Shops we have ever been to (and we look for one in every town we visit)!!! Home-Made confections, throw back candies and unique ice cream flavors that will have you wondering how you are going to eat everything you’re sure to buy.

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